Tentative Class Schedules and Registration

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See our 2021 Summer Schedule Below!

Stay Tuned for the Fall 2021-2022 Schedule.

Classes are $55.11/month or less plus tax. Discounts will be given for multiple classes and students per family.

Dear future River City Youth Ballet Ensemble and River City School of Dance families,

Soon we will be welcoming you to our new online registration process and ask for your patience as this will be a learning curve for us! In the long run, we hope that it will simplify everyone’s life a little.

When you register, you will be directed to a parent portal. Once there, you can select classes as well as read through the waivers and policies. Note that class sizes will be limited and based on a first come first serve enrollment basis. If you do not get a class that you want, you will be placed on an automatic waiting list and if an opening would occur you will be notified. Once a vaccine is available; we will happily update the class size limits.

If you are interested in online classes as opposed to in person, we will be offering all classes via zoom with a discounted rate.

For this season we will be following in the footsteps of many Universities (including WVU and MU) in hopes to avoid the onset of regular flu season that will be aggravated by covid-19. Also note that masks or face covering will be required by all dancers, parents and staff.

As always, your tuition will be prorated but instead of over a nine-month period of 32 classes it will be over an eight-month period of 29 classes.  (Note we have allotted one extra class week in the schedule if needed) This will mean that you will have a longer winter break and you will not be charged during the month of December. Your full prorated tuition fees will be due for the months of August-November and January-April.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties signing up. We look forward to seeing you soon and hope that you have a safe and healthy remainder of your summer!

For important information relating to our policies regarding Covid-19, scroll down to the bottom of this page. 


Summer 2021 Schedule:

We will also be offering open intermediate and advanced ballet classes throughout the summer. Please check our Facebook page (starting June 5th) for weekly updates!

Summer Camps 2021

Supplemental COVID-19 Policies

While we are living in an unprecedented and uncertain time, we at River City Youth Ballet Ensemble and School of Dance want to put health and safety for our dancers, and faculty first and foremost!

The start of our 2020-2021 season will look a bit different until a vaccine is found. We will be following both State and local policies as well as adapting a few extra policies on our own to insure a healthy comeback. Please note these policies may change due to the changing nature of covid-19 and both state and local mandates.

What we are doing to ensure safety:

This season we will be limiting class size as much as we possibly can. We have installed HEPA filters in all air ducts to help filter germs. We have also purchased air ventilation systems for each of the studios as well as fans (strategically placed in the hallways) to help with circulation. We will have sanitizing stations set up throughout the facility. All teachers, dancers and parents will be required to wear masks upon entering the facility. Instructors will clean all surfaces between each class. We will deep clean all areas as much as possible every evening.

Class Times:

Starting this fall, we will be slightly offsetting class times so that we can adequately clean as well as do our best to eliminate congestions at all entrances and exit points.  Again, this is to help reduce congestion.  To help us achieve this we ask that you try to arrive at the studio just a few minutes prior to your class and exit the studio as soon as your class dismisses.

Before you come:

We will be sending out a quick survey via email prior to you coming to the studio. This quick health screening will let you know if you can attend your class. It is important that you take and submit this each day you have class. If someone in your immediate family has had a sore throat, fever, or has been in contact with anyone with covid-19, please stay home. Please note that you can always take class by using your parent portal live class feed!

Only bring dance necessities to the studio with you!

Be dressed and ready for class. For safety, the dressing rooms will not be open. Dancers will be asked to change into dance shoes in the hallway and to bring their minimal belongings into the classroom with them.

Once at the studio we will also be checking temperatures of students.

Entrances, Exits and Public Areas:

-All dancers, parents, and instructors are to wear a face covering inside the facilities.

-All entrances into the building should be done using our front door MacCorkle Avenue Entrance.  

We ask that parents wait in their car. If you have a young student, only one parent can come upstairs and stay. Please leave siblings home. 

We will have several hand sanitizing stations around the studio and ask that once you have entered you please immediately wash or sanitize your hands. Please note that we will also have dancers use hand sanitizer once in the classroom.

-To exit the building, we ask that everyone exit through the rear into the alley.

 By using the new entrance and exit rules we hope to maintain less contact and avoid  congestion.

-Studio 2 classes: Dancers in studio 2 are to enter class using the door closest to studio 1. You will exit class from the back hallway closest to the restrooms.

-Studio 1 classes: Dancers in studio 1 are to enter class using the door closest to the office. You will exit using the door closest to the benches in the hallway. 

-Water fountain: The water fountain will be bagged for non-use. Please bring your own water.

-Hallways: We ask that you do not congregate in the hallways and to keep 6 feet between you and others.

What if I think someone in my family is sick?

If you think that there is a possibility someone in your home has covid-19 and your dancers might be exposed, please let us know immediately. The best way to reach us is by Facebook messenger, your parent portal or email. This way we can notify the teacher and if necessary, your dancers classmates’ families.

In case of an outbreak for possible class exposure:

If we must stop in person classes, we will move the class to online (full class time) zoom lessons. Please note we will not be able to give refunds to families related to covid-19 issues. If we must move a class or classes to zoom you are responsible for having the ability to use the zoom platform.

Also, please be prepared to move to online classes with little notice.

Thank you for understanding! We all want nothing more than to resume to a normal life. In the meantime, if we all can do our part to keep others and our River City family safe, we know we can have a successful start to our season!

The River City Youth Ballet Ensemble & School of Dance